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Moving & Senior Move

readstory.jpgMove Management

From the time you decide to move I’m with you as much or as little as you like. The following is a complete list of all my services.

  • I would create a detailed plan to organize each room. Measure and Photograph your furnishings.
  • Working with you we make decisions about what items to take and how to dispose of the remaining things; sell, donate, give to family, trash. I have resources to offer you the best solutions. 
  • A custom room plan showing your furnishing in the new space gives you peace of mind that what you choose to take will fit and provide you with a comfortable living space.
  • I supervise movers on moving day as well as cleaners, working towards the final walk through before settlement. You can rest assured your belongings will arrive safe and your home will be taken care of.
  • I coordinate with your builder, realtor or Assisted Living facility to assure your new home will be ready to move into. As a professional Interior Decorator I’m able to offer finishing touches to your new home. For example: have the new window treatments ready to install in freshly painted rooms of your new home on move-in-day.
  • When your new home is ready I supervise the movers on move-in-day, following the custom floor plan to place furniture along with your decisions on what goes where. All moving debris is removed.
  • I will unpack the kitchen, stock the refrigerator, plug in lamps, hang clothes, make the bed, organize the bathroom, hang art and pictures, place your favorite items just where you want them. All you do is walk in and start living in Your Home, Again.

Senior Move Management

Your Home, Again specializes in helping elderly people move out of their long time home and into the next stage of their lives.

If you are an aging senior or an adult child of an elderly person in need of guidance and hands-on assistance to move out of a current home and into an assisted living facility, we can help.  

Moving out of a long-time home can be a distressing experience.  
Your Home, Again can take care of all the concerns you and your loved one may have.

I am the "Surrogate Daughter" and I am here to help. My goal is to create the same familiar surroundings in your new environment to ease the change. I will place your favorite chair next to the table with all the important papers on it, just like home.

Did you know that many assisted living facilities allow you to make decorating decisions? You can choose a new paint color for your walls, you can have custom window treatments made to express your personality.  Your Home Again can help you purchase new furniture if you just want a new start.

We will create a floor plan to ensure furniture will fit and the space will be safe. We work with the facility to understand the requirements of the move.

Our team also works with the family to determine how to disperse the remaining items in the house, whether they are kept, gifted, sold, donated or discarded.

We can recommend movers and real estate agents.  If repairs need to be made I can take care of those. The house will be clean and ready for the market when we are through. I achieve all this with compassion, respect and humor.