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Home is Your Sanctuary

Move by Design

Congratulations on your upcoming move!

At Your Home, Again we have found a way to make moving and organizing fun! We help you create a plan, with as much or as little help as you want, to make the transition to a new home a smooth one. We do it affordably and with respect for what’s important to you. Our goal is to minimize the stress and give you the best living space, organized and beautiful, so you can live your best life. We work with individuals and families through all types of moves, specializing in support of senior adults downsizing or transitioning to assisted living facilities.

If you are moving and feel “stuck” not knowing where to begin to organize all your possessions give us a call. We will provide you with a detailed plan to ready your current home for the move.  Then we can unpack and set up your new home so when you arrive you just start living, no boxes.


we have found a way to make moving and organizing fun!

Services include:

Moving Plan

Schedule for packing. Prepare home for sale and move. Manage the movers. Unpack and put away all your belongings. No more boxes!

Aging in Place

Make changes to current home to allow safe continued living for many years to come. Assessment of bathrooms, kitchen, doorways and flooring can make your home beautiful without anyone knowing it is ADA compliant.


Does your home reflect who you are?  Up-date your kitchen and bathrooms for your enjoyment. Redesign your living space to reflect your lfe style and family. Make your bedroom a sanctuary.

Closets & Storage

Efficient use of the space you have. Organize your closets and storage space to accommodate your possessions. Let’s make the pantry and kitchen work best for your family. Children’s rooms with places for the toys.  when you enter your closet the clothes are visible and reachable.



We are so grateful to you for everything you did to get us through it all. And you are also, innately, a good and kind person – your ability to “care” was authentic and deeply appreciated.

Wendy C.

“thank you" for all your patience and assistance. You have helped me so much with your decorating expertise and guidance. Not to mention creativity and honesty. 

Dottie and Dick D.

we don’t know how we could have done it without all of your help, your connections to the right people, and your calm, sensitive and reassuring demeanor throughout this emotionally and physically difficult time.

Kim M.

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