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In my forties I realized a dream by opening my own Interior Decorating Company

A family move to southern Connecticut in 2010 allowed me to think again about how I wanted to help people. I’m at a different place in my life now, older, wiser and wanting more meaning in my work life while continuing to help others. I’ve helped friends and family move and organize for the last 30 years. It felt like a natural transition to make this into my new business here in CT.  My experience moving, organizing and interior decorating gives me an ideal perspective on what can make a living space a comfortable home. I offer you the benefit of all my experience. I enjoy working with older adults, we can learn so much from them. I love hearing their stories and sharing their love of their own families when we explore their special possessions. Respecting each individual and their needs is my job, and I love my work.


As an Interior Decorator I was privileged to share intimate aspects of my client’s lives in order to provide them with a custom design right for their lifestyle. Building relationships is important to me, and I get to know each person very well. Working with couples to combine what seemed like opposite tastes trained me for work with families in, sometimes, difficult and stressful situations. I keep my calm, add some humor and defuse the tension.

Real estate


All my life I have taking care of people. From caring for my family as a teen to babysitting to pay for my first car then as a chef, caterer, executive chef and account manager for a food service company.

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